Radiant Health

We all want to live our lives healthfully, happily and successfully. This is known as radiant health. Radiant health is the results of good living and a healthy lifestyle. My service is to guide you on your path to radiant health, so that you may live your life according to your highest path. There are herbs for every aspect of health. It is possible to build and protect our health so that we can live life optimally.

Ancient Wisdom

The oldest tradition in medicine is herbalism. Herbalism has been used by all peoples and all cultures throughout history. This tradition has lead to the accumulation of a vast reserve of knowledge. This knowledge details specific practical methods and herbal formulas. Almost all herbal formulas used in my clinic are over 100 years old, some even have 2000 years of recorded use. These herbs become traditional because they have proven to work over a long period of time.

Essential Nutrition

The health of the human body is maintained by consistent consumption of all the essential nutrients. Essential nutrients are critical in building quality blood and providing nourishment to all of the tissues of the body. Providing the body with the raw materials is a key to achieving radiant health.

Traditional Herbalism

Traditional herbalism is unique because it deals with the “roots” rather than the “branches”. Another way of saying this is that traditional herbalism addresses the cause, not just the symptoms. This way, conditions can be resolved. Healing chronic conditions is a process and requires working with a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner over time. There are no quick fixes and the willingness to change habits are required.

Traditional Pulse Diagnosis

Pules diagnosis has been used for millennia across traditional systems of medicine as a tool to assess the major organ systems. Pulse diagnosis is considered by many wholistic practitioners to be one of the most accurate ways to determine the root cause of a condition. Improvements in the health of an individual are reflected in the pulse.

Rejuvenative Tonic Herbalsim

Tonic herbs are the elite herbs of the various herbal systems of the world. These herbs are strongly associated with the ideals of a long life, clear and calm mind, slowing aging, vitality, wisdom, love, compassion and spirituality.